Hello, thanks for stopping by.

I’m an aspiring Nottingham, UK based performance poet and arguably one of Nottingham’s best poets from Guildford, because I’m not aware of any others. I really love performing and mostly write human stories with political or social undertones, but also enjoy writing nonsense, poems about pointless things and doing improv poetry. I always try to give 100% to a show, be it a long headline set or two minutes on an open mic to three people and a dog. A dog did put his wet nose somewhere offputting during one show, but that’s another story.

I’m a regular on the Nottingham scene and have performed around the Midlands, Edinburgh Fringe and Berlin. I’m also the 2018 Bard of Southwell, part of a sketch poetry duo called From The Word Go, co-runner of a monthly open mic called Chapter and Verse and involved with several local groups:
DIY Poets, organising shows, making/editing zines and generally being a massive help since day one.
World Jam, a multinational, multilingual poetry and music collective and my only outlet for my probably dreadful Spanish poems, but that’s another story.
We Shall Overcome Nottingham, organising and taking part in charity events to help people in need.

Since my first performance in May 2013 I’ve shared stages with the likes of Dominic Berry, Jess Green, Luke Wright, Mark Grist and Ash Dickinson, but mostly in a low key way. They might not remember me. Mark Grist once walked into the middle of a very weird tale I was telling about Berlin, but that’s another story.

I aim to publish my first poetry book by the end of the year too.

If you like what I’m doing then feel free to follow my social media or get in touch about booking me for a show or anything else poetry related. Maybe even see you at a show sometime?

Take care,