Hello, welcome to my poetry home!

I’m a Nottingham, UK based poet and one of Nottingham’s best poets from Guildford (because we all need a niche). I mostly write poems about little human stories and moments, often with political and social undertones, with a sideline in nonsense poems, found poems and occasionally some poetic improv.

My first collection, The Prettyboys of Gangster Town, is due to be published in September 2020 through Fly on the Wall Poetry.

I’m experienced and active as a poet, editor and event organiser, performing extensively across the Midlands, the Edinburgh Fringe and Berlin, including the BBC Edinburgh Fringe Slam and the Glastonbury Poetry Slam, winning the 2018 Southwell Folk Festival Slam and supporting several nationally renowned poets along the way, including Jess Green and Dominic Berry. 

I’m also closely involved with two local performance groups, World Jam and DIY Poets, including being an editor of our DIY Poets free poetry zine and co-organising our Edinburgh Fringe show “A DIY Poetry Fix” in 2019. I also co-organise the poetry stage for Stuff of Life, a local community festival in Nottingham. 

I’ve been performing since mid 2013 and have an unending love for poetry and spoken word nights in general. I wouldn’t be a poet without the support of the poets and poetry fans around me, and it’s great to be part of organisations that nurture and develop the local scene. When I list out all the stuff I’ve done in a bio like this, it makes me feel very lucky, but it always makes me wonder if people have got the wrong guy and there’s an amazing poet called Martin Grey who somehow got lost in an admin error and is now wondering where all the gigs went. Either way, until he rumbles me, I’ll keep enjoying it and seeing what happens!

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my website.