Here are the events I’ll definitely be and hopefully be performing at over the next few weeks. None of these are feature sets, but come along if you fancy any of them 🙂

There are various other events, especially very very small hours events in places like New York and The Philippines, that I’ll hopefully add in if I can. I’ll add these as and when I have enough coffee on standby.

Fri 1st Jan: Poetry Lit Open Mic, 7pm to 8.30pm, Amsterdam.

Thu 7th Jan: Open Mic at the Zoom Cafe, 12:00am to 1:30am, Delaware

Thu 7th Jan: Poetry Reading and Discussion, 7am to 9am, Australia I think.

Thu 7th Jan: Fire and Dust, 7.15pm to 10pm, Coventry. 

Sat 9th Jan: Monthly Poetry Slam, 12am to 1am, Israel I think 

Mon 11th Jan: Poetry Friends Presents: We Can Work it Out, 12am to 2am, New Orleans