This is where to go for all things Prettyboys of Gangster Town, so hopefully you’re in the right place.

The page is at an early stage, but I plan on turning it into a kind of wikipedia for my book. Until I’m famous enough to have my own page, that is, which will probably never happen.

I’m interested in seeing where it goes or doesn’t go, so please have a look around and point me in the direction of anything I’ve not come across. Cheers.

Where can I buy the Book:

Printed Book (£7.99 plus postage): Big Cartel / Fly on the Wall Poetry / Waterstones / Amazon /

eBook (£3.99): Fly on the Wall Poetry / Amazon

A more detailed list coming soon.

Book Reviews:

Nottingham City of Literature

A more detailed list coming soon.

Travel Map:

You can see an interactive map of where my book has travelled to so far (that I’m aware of) by clicking here or looking at the image above!